NASA: How can you watch the rover descend as Perseverance approaches Mars?

Perseverance will land on Mars on February 18th. Here’s everything you need to know about NASA live streaming and where to watch landing operations.

Image: NASA / JPL-Caltech

On 30 July, Mars 2020 missions were launched from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station to the Red Planet. After nearly seven months of space travel and recording millions of miles on the cosmic highway, the Perseverance rover was sent to make its debut on Mars. Perseverance is scheduled to land on Mars on Thursday, February 18, and become NASA’s latest navigator to pave the way for future human missions and more, as he goes through in search of ancient microbial life in our cosmic neighbor.

Over the years, NASA has offered a variety of ways for space enthusiasts to keep up to date with the latest mission developments, and the Mars 2020 mission is no different. Below, we’ve highlighted everything you need to know about NASA live streaming and where to watch the Perseverance landing operations this week.

Perseverance rover: Touchdown time, online viewing and more

On Thursday, February 18, NASA predicts that the Perseverance rover will land on Mars at approximately 15:55 (EST), but viewing and live streaming options will begin long before this approximate landing time. On February 17th, the NASA rover landing update will present a news briefing at 13:00 (EST), followed by a news briefing at 3:00 PM, titled “Searching for Ancient Life on Mars and Samples Returning to Earth.” Both of these events will be broadcast on the NASA JPL YouTube channel.

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On February 18, the NASA JPL Edu YouTube channel presents “Opening Day Live Stream for Students” at 12:30 EST, and you need to register to ask questions during this event. NASA’s live stream for landing will begin at 14:15 EST and will be announced by Daily Motion, Facebook, YouTube, twitter, LinkedIn, Twitch, Theta.TV and NASA Application. This live stream is also available in Spanish via the NASA en Español YouTube channel.

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A 360-degree stream via the NASA JPL YouTube channel and a “clean mission control stream” via the JPLraw YouTube Channel are also available for those who are so inclined.

A post-Touchdown news briefing is scheduled to begin before 5:30 PM EST and is available on the NASA JPL YouTube channel. On February 19, NASA will provide a roaming update at 13:00 (EST) via the NASA JPL YouTube channel. Another roaming update is scheduled for 2pm (EST) on the NASA JPL YouTube channel on February 22.

Previously archived rover events are available on NASA’s Mars 2020 Missions Perseverance rover resource website.

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