Spotify to Employees: If you want to work from another country, go for it

Spotify will also re-evaluate office space as it offers permanent flexible working options for employees.

Image: Spotify

Spotify became the last major tech company to switch to remote first work and announced that employees will be free to “work from anywhere” starting this summer – even if that means working from another country.

The streaming service offers a flexible work plan called “Work Mode” that allows Spotify staff to choose whether to work full time at home, in the office, or a mixed combination of the two.

Employees will also have more flexibility over the cities and countries they choose to work in, and Spotify will offer to support employees with co-working space membership if they want to work from a location not close to the Spotify office. The company stated that this will include “some limitations to address time zone challenges and regional establishment laws on initial launch”.

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Streaming service is the latest of the major tech companies to transition from anywhere to working model. Salesforce, where Spotify is also a customer,
implementing a permanent flexible work policy,

Microsoft announced similar moves in previous months with Twitter and Facebook.

Spotify said the COVID-19 outbreak has accelerated the company’s plans to become a “first deployed” company that offers greater flexibility and better work-life balance, while also allowing it to enter an expanded and diverse talent pool.

“It’s not something you come to the office to work for, it’s something you do,” the company said.

“Effectiveness cannot be measured by the number of hours people spend in an office – instead, giving people the freedom to choose where to work will increase efficiency.

“Operating as a distributed organization will generate better and more efficient ways of working through more conscious use of communication and collaboration applications, processes and tools.”

Like other companies that have had to re-evaluate their real estate investments in recent months, Spotify said it will re-evaluate its office space to better understand how it could equip it for more hybrid working styles.

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“The ultimate goal of our new design approach is to ensure that employees have a place where they can focus, collaborate, and create – whether at the desk, in the conference room or in the café,” he said.

The streaming service also acknowledged the myriad technical, cultural, and behavioral challenges that come with a permanent transition to remote work, saying “some adjustments are possible along the way.”

The company said: “By experimenting and unleashing all talents, we also enable diversity and inclusiveness, and bring new jobs and markets to use.”

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