Webcam Model Risks

While the behavior of webcam models’ customers in chat rooms was generally described as polite and polite, some models faced “aggressive sexual language” and online harassment.  In 2012, a group of 4chan users harassed a webcam model about her weight until she started crying on camera. Even customers who are polite may behave in a way that makes models uncomfortable, such as when customers become overly attached or obsessed with a model; If the customer is a regular customer and a heavy tipper, this can make the model feel pressured to conform to the customer’s wishes. Webcam models have sometimes been the target of cyber hunters and blackmails. Some camera models have been “blackmailed or threatened to perform actions they are uncomfortable with. If they do not comply, they risk revealing their true identity”.  In one case, Internet trolls uncovered a webcam artist’s real name, address, and phone number, and posted this information on social media, along with their public photos, and passed on to friends and family.  As of 2019, it was reported that there is little legal protection for camera models as most of the case law deals with the regulation of strip clubs and sex shops or the distribution of products.

Sex work researcher Rachel Stuart reported that while doing her doctoral research, she encountered webcam models who were concerned about viewers filming and sharing their performances on porn sites or gaining personal information that could be used to track or blackmail them. In 2013, the New York Times interviewed a woman who chose to hide her true identity while working as a online webcam girl . She revealed that she was being cybercriminated by a heavy dumper who started making threats and demanding what clothes she should wear. She soon learned that her real name and address were posted online, along with the camera name. When they complained to the police, they said they couldn’t do anything because “It’s not illegal to put real information on the Internet.” Later she learned that the same person threatened other camgirls and defeated them.

Another problem facing camera models is that viewers can record streams or footage of the model without their consent and then redistribute them on pornography websites. In addition to removing the ability to choose where to show the model’s content, its unauthorized use has been likened to the stealing of the model’s property because the porn site will make money from the video, not the online naked girls.


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